Bath in cast iron tub will give you new and do not forget feeling of soaring.

Bath of Aprodite

What tool will help you bath in the vat:

  • Accelerates metabolism after taking a bath with tub iron – you will lose weight and feel in good shape;
  • Improves the function of the kidney, cardio – vascular system, of the excretory system after taking a bath with tub cast iron – pores are opened and the body breathes, which positively affects on your health and condition;
  • After taking bath procedures you feel calming and a healing effect on the digestive organs, genitourinary system, blood vessels, the skeletal muscles, respiratory system;
  • After bath – wellness treatments in the vat you feel strengthening of all blood circulation, which entails gain recovery, elimination of toxins, activation of tissue immunity;
  • In general, the immune system after a bath becomes more active;
  • After taking a steam room you feel hardening, “training” blood vessels and the whole body.

bath of aphrodite

We compared the prices of the construction of the classical bath on the wood, which is in almost every yard, even in your residential area there may be tens, and a cast-iron bath in the vat.

Yes, you’re right, bath in the vat get more expensive on 20 % – 30 %. But how much positive it gives:

  • New product on the paired premises market;
  • Incomparable with anything feeling – water steaming;
  • You cook on live fire – this is extreme, but if properly exploited bath it is not dangerous;
  • You will have something to tell your friends. Get a lot of positive emotions;
  • The presence a correct approach to the business organization will help earn money;
  • Include 20% more than in the bath and will get in 2 times more than with bath. This is a cost-effective investment in the period of recession.

Bath Of Aphrodite Variant 1

And DO NOT FORGET, that those psychological factors that are affected by a bath in the tub it is not possible to forget!

  • After taking a bath in the boiler you feel total relaxation of the whole organism;
  • Warm water and complete weightlessness of the body takes you back in the moms tummy, this means in babyhood;
  • This bath is usually in the open air – absolute privacy with nature and watch the clouds pass by you;
  • After taking bath with tub cast iron you feel reduction of different activities, production of hormones of happiness, gain excretion of toxins, which reduces the emotional background;
  • The communicative function: “Cook in one pot” means to tackle common questions, share a common goal, “clean” communication from stamps, conventions and falsehood;
  • Esoteric meaning – spiritual purity, harmony, contemplation and meditation and thinking. Also accumulation Universe energy through the union of five basic elements: water, air, fire, wood and metal – and all of them are united in such an amazing and unusual phenomenon as Bath vat of cast iron.

 Bath Of Aphrodite Variant 2